The Studio in the Headland

Maddy Hargreaves

Modod Landscape

There is a prominent dysfunction and disconnect between the various faculties within the current public university setting, therefore the potential of interdisciplinary learning has become near impossible. The Studio in the Headland is a speculative body of work that seeks to improve upon architectural pedagogy, driven by the methodology of live projects.

This project takes place upon a headland, a reserve within the Anawhata region, which embodies a rich untold history and uniquely connects to the University of Auckland. In 1926, university students acquired a section to call their own. They made refuge on the edge of a cliff, and it became a common ground for students and teachers from various faculties to use and enjoy our coastal backyard. Today the section is barren due to the fire that engulfed the hut in 1998, leaving this educational time spent on the University Reserve to recede into the past.

This thesis draws upon the site’s notable history of how the construction of architecture became a mechanism that brought students of a similar passion together and created an inspiring common ground. The life within The Studio in the Headland is an immersion of ‘learning by doing’ and endeavours to continue the students’ legacy achieved many years ago. It encourages the exchange of knowledge between various students, the community, the land, and the architecture where learning can now extend beyond the parameters of the classroom, shifting towards a more haptic and hands-on methodology.

Sit Eplan Modos
The boardwalk design provides a uniform platform that follow the natural contours, guide the inhabitant through the site and the mature natural surroundings.
Soicla Pod Modos
This pod creates an intimate sunken social space, a place to congregate and relax after a long day.
Artboard 1
Library Render New
This versatile Studio pod is designed for workshops, lectures, talks, exhibitions, and a dining room.
Artboard 2
Toilet Modos
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