One of these is not like the other

Lise sea wall plate 1
Final intaglio plates of the sea wall - 600mm x 1800mm

This thesis presented an opportunity to push the limits of craft in architectural practice and to act on an ever-present desire to know more about printmaking. This collation of drawings allowed me to gain confidence in applying this exploration of a methodology to a changing landscape and to subvert the conventional use of drawing as an architectural practice.

Carrying the printed line across three distinct printmaking methods; woodblock, monoprinting, and intaglio. All valuing uncertainty within the site it sits.

Awaroa Inlet is one of many coastlines threatened by our changing climate in Aotearoa. The erosion of the bank facing the ever shifting sand banks and channels has lost 10 metres of land in the past 6 years. With the proposal and ongoing construction of a sea wall, this thesis unpacks my own relationship to how I, as a maker, visitor, and observer leave a mark on our changing landscapes.

Print march
What impression does architecture leave behind? - Woodblock print 420mm x 297mm

This collation of drawings drifts within the realm of a reflective practice, one that does not result in a built space but alludes to the potential of understanding and uncovering new space. Tied furiously to the method by which it’s made, they start to unravel the printed line. To look within the act of making itself is where this thesis research resides, creating a personal practice that explores and investigates the uncertainty of a marked line when cast over a surface, however broken, bent, or distorted it gets along the way.

It sits first, among architectural drawing, seen as a reliable tool for communicating space. Rarely does one feel the need to push past its limits. In the hope of removing the static that exists within architectural drawing, in particular the rise of digital drawing, the hand-crafted is celebrated for its imprecision. This thesis aims to allude to and propose new space like one might create a ‘slow drawing’. Done through a series of slow drawings and reenacted through the means of printmaking, these works are designed to erode the conventional way of looking at and, eventually, making architecture.

IMG 9495
Woodblock carving of Awaroa's changing sands - 300mm x 300mm
Carving big
Woodblock carving of Awaroa's changing sands - 300mm x 300mm
Screen Shot 2022 11 14 at 6 59 03 PM
Monoprints of Awaroa
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Intaglio aluminium plate of the Awaroa bank - 400mm x 450mm
IMG 0112
Intaglio aluminium plate of Awaroa's sands
Lise sea wall plate 1 v2
Final intaglio aluminium plates and welded steel stand - 1620mm x 1800mm
Lise sea wall print 1
Final intaglio prints