Taste in Culture: The flow of tea and a sip of the artistic tea time in solitude

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Tea ware in Silence

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, aside from water. The way tea is made and consumed, the ways people interact with tea and the aesthetics and atmosphere surrounding tea drinking, define tea culture. It plays a vital role in human civilisation, demonstrating remarkable social, economic, and political impacts throughout global history.

The planting and making of tea is a sophisticated process and an art in itself. It forms a complex cultural system that integrates physical techniques into philosophical and spiritual concepts, defining a unique way of telling the world about Chinese people’s understanding of life.

The thesis researches how tea culture is continuously evolving, travelling and adapting itself to different cultures around the world, and how it influences derived art and architecture.

Attention is often given to the scents of tea and the environment of making, serving and tasting tea. These actions create a sense of ritual, stimulating human perception through a sensory journey of personal pilgrimage by activating the architectonic of phenomenology and establishing coherent, systematic space-making methodologies to form a tea building complex. The atmospheric spirituality of this space shapes both an ideal and an inner sanctuary to realise the existence of oneself.

The thesis aims to discover ‘tea architecture’ that responds to the traditional and ever-evolving tea culture, as well as exploring how the ideologies and philosophies of tea drinking can be represented and reflected through architecture. Therefore, as a result, the thesis attempts to recraft the contemporary tea architecture and investigate how to revive the tea tradition by proposing an urban tea space in Auckland CBD, providing an inner sanctuary for urban dwellers.

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Making Tea in solitude
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