Tales of Encounters: A Recollection of Unnoticed Voids

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Exchange Lane | Section

Tales of Encounters is a recollection of the unnoticed spaces within Auckland City – fallen into the ordinaries of the everyday, underutilised, and overlooked. Such spaces have been defined as voids in the urban fabric and consider their categorisation between leftover surfaces, pathways, and pockets of space.

Setting the city as a stage with a series of fragmented moments, the architect takes on the role of a curator – collating voids and unfolding their narratives. In transpiring tales through a sequential series of encounters, the reader follows the protagonist and is suspended in the thresholds between storytelling and architectonic realities.

Each site becomes a framework to facilitate a particular spatial narrative theme and program – characterising an architecture of exchange, suspense, mystery, romance, and fantasy. What ensues is a spatial promenade informed by the insertion of a storytelling lens to suggest a new way of encountering banal spaces in the city.

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The Table of Contents | Itinerary

Endeavouring an initial practice of a wandering walk by enacting a derive through Auckland City, a suggested itinerary in how one encounters each void, and a layering of narratives developed through observations of the everyday and mapping exercises.

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Architecture of Exchange

Alongside a spiral staircase P.O. Box, Exchange Lane becomes a playful display of moving carts and sorting walkways.

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Architecture of Suspense
Corridor of Secrets | Section

In the Corridor of Secrets, a series of sub-spaces, hidden entrances, elevated stages with textured backdrops, and a darkroom lay ahead.

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Architecture of Mystery
Stairway of Trailers | Section

A drawn curtain, dead-ends, and sporadic projections of clues on screens peak curiosity in the Stairway of Trailers.

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Architecture of Romance
Conversation Corner | Section

Within a hidden pocket of space, Conversation Corner presents romantic gestures of a balcony lookout, telephone booth niches, a sunken garden, and a rooftop amphitheater.

1462px width fantasy perspective
Architecture of Fantasy
Catwalk Closet | Section

Catwalk Closet becomes a performative runway as one moves through and gazes upon thresholds of fantastical displays.