Our Naked Traces

Pool Night
Night-time Interior Moment of the Jjimjilbang (Bathhouse)

How might memory inform an architectural narrative that generates the feelings of nostalgia through a rhythmic and tangible bodily experience?

Focusing on the idea of the journey through the alpines, this thesis is an exploration of time, memory, rhythm and cycle through the lens of body and culture. The idea of physically experiencing a journey encourages people to self-reflect and emotionally connect back to themselves, whether it be through the surrounding environment or through the feelings of nostalgia they start to obtain whilst on this journey.

It is an exploration of the relationship between memory and space. This project shows how we are able to so quickly associate certain places, objects and spaces to specific memories and how these spaces can become very meaningful to us.

On a day-to-day basis, we wake up, eat, work, socialise, shower and sleep. This daily routine of being stuck inside a constant cycle is something that we often feel exhausted over, causing us to feel lost within ourselves. This thesis examines the idea of the cycle on a vast scale, exploring the extent to which environmental cycles and rhythmic behaviour within ourselves can be used to our advantage and represented through architectural typologies that assist in creating a positive experience for individuals.

This project is also a physical recollection of memories brought to life through an architectural narrative. It endeavours to challenge societal views surrounding the body and the importance of culture, specifically to do with my Korean heritage and values.

Exploded AXOFINA Lgreen4
Pyeong-Sang Tower Site Plan / Exploded Axonometric
Tower Entrance Perspective

The first structure represents the idea of the Pyeong-Sang – a traditional Korean low-lying table used for dining purposes. In Korean culture, low-lying tables are commonly used at home on a daily basis or for traditional rituals where food is the main focus of the event. The Pyeong-Sang Tower not only allows for visitors to walk up the structure through a curved ramp surface and look out to the views of Mount Cook, but it also provides a space for people to rest, eat and be present in the moment.

Above Tower
View from Above the Tower
Pyeongsang Perspective
Tower View From the North
Main Bath
Night-time Perspective of Interior Baths

The final proposal is inspired by the Korean bathhouse (jjimjilbang) – a design proposal that encourages public use of the baths that celebrates all genders. It highlights the importance of my Korean heritage whilst giving the opportunity for people to reconnect with their bare and naked bodies – how we all were when we were brought into this world.

Upperlevel Pool
Upper Level Interior Bath / Showers
North Elevation Final
North Elevation of the Jjimjilbang (bathhouse)
Long Section Final
Longitudinal Perspective Section
Short Section Final
Short Perspective Section Cutting Through Interior Baths
Exterior Pool 2
Exterior Bath with Hanging Fabric Structure
Resting Room
Resting Room Interior Moment