Kenny Chau

A Network of Interconnected Geometries

Abiogenesis: Bridging Digital Impulses to Physical Realities Through the Construction of Fast Responsive, Lightweight Structures.

Reenvisioning the conventional perception of architectural immobility, this thesis probes the synthesis of the digital and tangible worlds through the lens of fast, responsive, lightweight structures. The focal investigation of this research is the translation of real-time digital data into immediate physical embodiments. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity observed in auxetic patterned fabrics, foundational frameworks for full-scale prototypes were established. This investigation unveiled critical challenges, notably in achieving swift adaptability with robust stability and in unravelling the dynamics of such transformative infrastructures. As the future unfolds, it suggests an architectural future synergized with AI, paving the way for structures that not only adapt but also think and function independently. Rather than a definitive end, this exploration serves as an open call for a revolutionary architectural paradigm shift.