CyberBio Architecture

Cyberbio Intro Image
CyberBio Installation Exterior XR Environment - HoloLens 2 Footage

CyberBio Architecture project explores and tests the design of interactive biological materials and environments. Underpinning this are the concepts of ‘extended realities’, ‘hybrid systems’ and ‘digital materials’, which are investigated in the context of living architecture. 

The thesis aims to establish an interconnection between human behaviours and living material. The computational digital world shifts beyond a pure technical interface towards the reconnection of the physical world. This move uses a variety of technological components to allow for direct human-to-material interaction.

This thesis is a multi-directional investigation: it situates itself in between the realms of science, technology and design. 

A wide range of bio-composite and prototypes were created during the research process to test out materials with temporal properties. Parallel to the material investigations is the technological development of hybrid-systems, creating new forms of user interaction and digital interfaces. The simultaneous design of digital and physical components allows for rapid prototyping at 1:1 scale, exploring the new design parameters of mixed-reality environments. 

3 Components
CyberBio Installation Interior XR Environment - HoloLens 2 Footage

The output of this thesis is applied experimentation at a 1:1 scale to create a functional 'CyberBio' architectural system. In this system, biological matter and digital information actively interlink through AR headsets, environmental sensors and diverse actuators. 

The biomaterial in this project embeds in the living material life cycle of growth and decay, in this instance, algae. It requires the user to look after and care for it over time. In this sense, the architecture becomes like a pet, adapting and changing with the user. The CyberBio installation demonstrates exemplary parameters of this interaction, including moisturising, feeding, petting and talking to the living-material. The manipulation of organic mediums along with its live data information, point towards a new form of architecture, one which is living and growing among us. 

Cyberbio Exhibition Low Res
Guided tour through the installation
Live Cycle
Left Diagram - Material Lifecycle / Right Diagram - Human to Material Interaction
Bio-Material Samples
Spray Bottles used for Bio-Material maintenance
Cyberbio Vertical Setup
CyberBio Installation setup at Auckland St Matthew's Church