The Negotiable Line

Natasha Baumgartner

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The Negotiable Line Natasha Baumgartner
The Negotiable Line

As land becomes increasingly scarce and its value continues to rise, there is increasing tension brewing between various demographic groups within society. As society and architecture push to promote distinct lifestyles, opinions begin to differ radically between individuals as to what should become of the future of a place. With the increasing demographic friction and shifting ideologies, what role can architecture play as the negotiator?

Without abandoning the traits of a place, simply for the novelty of something new, how can the current attributes of a place be intertwined to continue the existing culture with future needs to establish a new shared identity?

This thesis predominantly focuses on the highly publicised situation unfolding at the Takapuna Beach Holiday Park. Located on the beachfront and just minutes’ walk from the metropolitan area of Takapuna, it is the last campground of its kind in Auckland. Its attributes make it a valued location for both local and international visitors. However, with the increasing need for more public space and alternative facilities, the campground has faced a constant battle to remain.

‘The Negotiable Line’ explores the complexity of tension and friction between groups. It represents a divide that simultaneously acts as the point of contact between the sides at odds. Symbolised by the line, the divide is where the rub occurs and tension is confronted, allowing a negotiation to transpire. Complex and turbulent, the negotiable line challenges the idea of binary tension by adding a wandering line that tiptoes back and forth across the straight line, representing the many subcategories that are neglected in favour of the hegemonic groups often at the forefront of tension.

The architecture of ‘The Negotiable Line’ encourages the rub to occur. It pursues no set resolution, but instead encourages a space where the friction can transpire. Ultimately it allows a space where a negotiation can take place without settling on an overtly obvious winner, but instead it draws these groups together in an effort to reach a compromise. 

The Negotiable Line Model
Exploratory site model
The Negotiable Line Natasha Baumgartner Portrait Image
Exploratory site model. Resin, plaster and digitally manipulated model exploring the tensions on site.
The Negotiable Line Plaster Cast
The Negotiable Line. Plaster Cast Model.
The Negotiable Line The Pools Sma
The Pools
The Boat Club
The Negotiable Line Site Ph
The Site: Takapuna Beach Holiday Park