The Architecture of Music

Marko Petreski

Sonata Form
An Architectural Sonata in Three Movements

Site: Market Place/Sturdee Street/Hobson Street

This project is the result of an exploration into the architecture of music and its mood altering capabilities. Through an extensive analysis of Beethoven's 8th sonata, the Pathétique, I was able to extract the key elements of each theme and attempt an analogue in architectural form. The result is a unique architectural experience for each individual. This building attempts to capture the imagination of each visitor, just as Beethoven's music does to his listeners.

Grave Facade
First Movement - "Grave" (Slow and Solemn)
Grave Approach
Approaching the Inner Courtyard
Grave Inner Courtyard
Grave theme - Inner Courtyard
Allegro Section
Allegro Theme - Dramatic increase in tempo
Allegro Theme A
Allegro theme - Ground
Adagio Aba
Second Movement - Adagio Cantabile (Slowly in a Singing Style)
Adagio Apartment
Apartment Interior - Adagio
Baths Interior
Baths Below Ground
Light Third Movement
Third Movement - Rondo Allegro
Ascending Third Movement
Light, Ascending Scales