DomestiCity: Urban Slow Space on University Campus

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This thesis investigates how domesticity – the experience of comfort and easiness of being at home with others – can be used methodologically to create moments of slow space in the urban realm that invites public occupation. It responds to our fast-paced society that is characterized by ever-changing lifestyles through which people are constantly chasing opportunities for power, prestige, and wealth. Although many may enjoy such an accelerating lifestyle, proliferating events without pause have led to a profound disconnection between people and their surrounding environments. It is, therefore, critical to address this issue in the current design of our urban fabric by counterbalancing the fast-paced nature of cities through “slow space,” which – originating in the slow food movement – aims to create meaningful connections.

Collage 3
Collages [Moments of Home in Public]
Site: [University of Auckland Campus]

Exploring the implementation of slow spaces in urban settings, this study centers on the University of Auckland's campus—a miniature city within the larger urban landscape. Utilizing the concept of 'domesticity,' it aims to transform unhomely campus environments into spaces that inspire individuals to craft their own homely areas in the urban context. Furthermore, it strives to restore the diminishing connection between students and their surrounding environment.

An exploration of domestic activities and spaces – drawing on cooking, dining, bathing, living, and sleeping – leads to the design of a series of mobile domestic installations on campus that provoke more permanent spaces. This thesis hopes to convey experiences of home, familiarity, comfort, and a sense of belonging to all students, especially for those who reside in University Halls or are far away from home.

Kitchen section 700x280
Section: Living Space [Yellow] and Communal Kitchen [Red]
Living section 700 x 280
Section: Performance Living Space [Yellow]
Sleep newwwww 1
SLEEP Section 1000m x 280mm
Section: Sleep Hub [Green] and Sauna Room [Blue]
Clay Models [Experimenting with Landscape and how its sculpt around the installations]