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Singularity performance

SINGULARITY blends data, dance, music and architecture in an immersive performance that transports audiences into spaces of awe and delight. Large 3D holographic constructions appear interactively in space. The set-up combines a live render programme with motion-tracking cameras and multiple laser projectors illuminating haze particles.

This thesis project was performed at Auckland's Q Theatre on Wednesday 2 November 2016.

Using interactive holographic environments and creative technologies directed by architect Uwe Rieger, designed and programmed by Yinan Liu and Ying Miao, and choreography by Carol Brown with dancers Zahra Killeen-Chance, Adam Naughton and Solomon Holly-Massey, the Rangatira Theatre is transformed. Clouds of data become wormholes, kites, watery walls and particle streams in response to the dancers’ movement. This coupling of dancer and data shapes worlds that make palpable the multiple ways that data flows permeate the present. With music by French techno composer Jérôme Soudan, and sound design by Russell Scoones, sonic atmospheres and rhythms propel this unique dance, architecture and technology experience.

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Digital materiality

The SINGULARITY technical system was developed at the Lab for Digital Spatial Operations [arc/sec] at the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning. Our project is embedded in current global research and developments around tangible data and digital matter – the attempt to move beyond the two dimensionality of a computer display and to present instead a visual and tactile experience in the physical world.  SINGULARITY creates an Augmented (hyper) Reality world. Large 3D constructions of light appear interactively in space. They are visible without the need of any additional devices such as goggles, screens, helmets etc. The setup combines a live render gaming engine with motion sensors and multiple projectors illuminating haze particles. The outcome is a full 360° haptic–digital space, accurately defined in all dimensions, interactive and inhabitable. The installation can both react on body moment or sound, and independently generate space and sound.

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Particle explosion
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Architecture :: dance :: music :: technology
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