Queer and Now: A Virtual History of Queer's Future

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Supporting the notion that the queering of space derives from an action or process of appropriating an existing space, this thesis aims to deliver an architectural proposition that collaboratively engages with the future of queering space. 

Aligning with theorist José Muñoz who suggests that the queer mindset is too fixated on the present, this proposal will allow for both spatial and performative input to generate environments that can be used by LGBTQIA+ communities for years to come.

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The global pandemic Covid-19 has illuminated the importance of connection during periods of extended separation, especially within marginalised communities. Looking at the nightclub as a place of intersectionality and as one of the few remaining spaces for queerness to be enacted, this thesis will propose how a privatised environment used in lockdown can be appropriated into a space of celebration and spectacle that can be accessed without the restrictions of a physical location.

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Exploring design methodologies that largely value process over product, a series of collages, physical models and films have been produced and critiqued in a way that challenge normative assumptions, ultimately queering the architectural process by dissolving the need for an end.

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