HOIJAHN THEATRE : Translating Dance into Architectural Ideas to create an Amplified Performance Space

John Emmanuel Quinones Golena

Research Best Dance Shot Collage 2

Dancers choreograph their set movement through the timing sequence of an 8 count, choosing to amplify certain moments in the 8 count in relation to the music key moment. Similarly, through this thesis, I want to take that concept of amplifying certain moments and translate that through architecture that works to amplify the performance.

The 8 count is a symbol of the structure from which all ideas step, and all editions or alterations to it create an exquisite work of art. I will take the performance made to an 8 count as the base architectural form, and through the image making process of dance, I will glean concepts of performance to translate into architectural expressions. These expressions will be used to amplify elements of the performance into the architectural structure of the performative space

Through my experimentations and findings, I have deduced the best way to amplify a performative space and the performances within is to radicalise the relationship between audience and performer. Through my disciplinary interrogation of audience seating as well as stage design, I have proposed a new design that will alter the current stagnant relationship between both parties. At the moment the relationship is highly dependent on the performer themselves to communicate a message, creating a new dynamic between audience, by engaging them to impact the outcome of performance, new relationships are created that amplify the memory within the performance space. The creation of performance of the audience and the performer. Such performance is no longer a one-way street. It is now a two-way relationship between both parties. In order to allow this, the architecture has to be a true creative reflection of performance itself. Where we question the pragmatics of current stale performance space design, and create a new radicalised scenography that would alter the planned performance and create new solutions made on the go that will increase interaction between audience and performer, and make a bigger amplified version of performance for both pirates to enjoy,

This thesis will be a truly unfiltered, personal brainchild of mine, where I funnel my own experiences as a performer and as an architect and amplify my vision of what could be the new future of performative spaces.

Section Short 1
blurring the lines between performer and audience was crucial - by creating a 2 way dialogue between both, contributes to a greater appreciation of the event
Section Long 1
the final form was created through dance, by architectural dance relationship for the amplification of the performance
Research Best Dance Shot Collage 2 1