death and life of flora: an architectural exploration of flowers

Floral Section
section view of building

the blooming flower exhibits itself from the cluster of other flowers. its petals open softly and sit harmoniously along the center of the flower with the stem and leaves protecting it, making the specimen beautiful. there is a special relationship which exists between flowers and humans, similar to that of insects. throughout history, there is prominent evidence to suggest that we as humans have been attracted to flowers in different aspects collating to art, architecture and ways of life and being.

Floral Arrangment 2
floral installation

they are alluringly sensuous which invites us to get close to them, interact with them, smell them and be with them. these embodied interactions with flora within our everyday lives are catalysts towards creating positive emotions. when flowers or flora are associated with architecture, society overlooks the significance of the flower with its aesthetic. historically, society associates them as decorative components added to the building as a secondary element.

The Acts Of Love
'the acts of love'
Acts Of Celebration
'the acts of remembrance'
'the acts of happiness'
Hapiness Closeup

how can something so small and delicate be translated to architecture in this modern era? this thesis develops from my passion for sensory floral arrangements and questions how they can influence modern architectural construction.

through the methodological analysis of flora and floral arrangement, the research pursues the translation from the unconventional and intangible qualities depicted in flora to the conventional language of architecture. 

Composite Floral Panel
composite floral panel detail
Sinuous Concrete Panel
sinuous concrete panel
Floral Arrangement 4
Floral Arrangement 3

this thesis imposes surrealist characteristics of the over-scaling of flora and looks at the qualitative aspects of them. in turn, they are manipulated, composed and represented into a living architecture where the design methods emerge from floral arrangement. the result is an architecture that embodies various extraordinary qualities of selected flora, activating an enticing and sensual experience for users where they become the insect inhabiting the flora.

'the acts of jealousy'
The Acts Of Trust
'the acts of trust'