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Beyond the velvet rope

Retail facade designs on the Mainstreet are outdated, evident to the eyes of the local walker, who now behaves accordingly. Curiosity marketing strategies are misused and displayed to cause the adrenaline rush of satisfaction through consumption. The theatrical staging of the goods creates a clear separation between the product and the spectator. These gestures often cause meaningless overconsumption.

Physical shopping has shifted to become a more transactional activity, lacking the sensual experience essential in the definition of tangible shopping. The hypocrisy in the function of Mainstreet retail design is that it has pushed shopping away from physical and experiential consumption and an opportunity for sentimental connection and memory.

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The relevant factors of Mainstreet shops have resulted in harbingers of blight on Mainstreet. The foot traffic on the Mainstreet has rapidly lessened, with a steep descending line indicating the number of visits to Queen Street. 


By exploring the ideas of removing the controls and limitations of the Mainstreet retails. I experiment with various design strategies through model making, testing the new design proposal by manipulating the streets to deliver a surreal experience. This project proposes an alternative and surrealist way of consuming the product and, most importantly, the service: for the surrealists to join the theatrical staging performance beside the truly desired products.


This thesis shows a series of experiments and develops new designs based on the existing structure to create an atmospheric space using features and ideas to arouse people’s senses. The new Mainstreet, also known as the curious labyrinth, allows people to illustrate their unique path as the consumer wanders high on curiosity. The new design alters and plays with the existing relationship between the Mainstreet, shops and the surrealist walkers. These are attempts to bring people back onto the Mainstreet.

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