The Smellarium: An Exploration of Olfactory Architecture

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While the experience of architecture is dominated by the visual and tactile sense, the sense of smell which has a powerful, intrinsic effect on perception and phenomena, is largely ignored.

By exploring the myriad of qualities that scent can induce; The Smellarium: An Exploration of Olfactory Architecture employs scent as an architectural mechanism to produce multi-sensorial spaces. This thesis investigates the manipulation of smell within designed environments to elicit emotions, memories, and reminiscences, thus fostering an authentic experience. It asks: How can scent evoke memories, familiarities or reactions to generate personal connections to architecture?

The primary vehicle for this exploration is the Smellarium, a collective environment designed purposefully to cater to experiential qualities of smell and memories. This design proposition offers an opportunity for people to experience smell diversely, wholly, individually, emotionally, recreationally, therapeutically and more. Occupying the northern point of Wynyard Quarter and Silo Tank farm; the site possesses fragrant history of timber trade, petro-chemical storage, contaminated soil and the vast surrounding sea.

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Exploratory Model
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The Gallery - Perspective
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The Gallery - Axonometric
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