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The Pop-Up Augmented Library

Augmented Reality (AR) often refers to interactive experiences of real-world environments where computer-generated perceptual information enhances objects. This thesis project investigates how public library spaces can be designed to merge with AR technologies to provide immersive and playful experiences for its users.

The Pop-Up Augmented library takes a transdisciplinary approach between architecture design and mixed-reality development, merging architectural design thinking with AR technology principles and logic.

This thesis involves designing a physical pop-up library with AR experiences embedded in the physical structure. Except for BIM architectural software, AR software such as Unity and Vuforia Engine are used to calibrate and simulate digital augmentations.

Axo Small

How can public library spaces be designed to efficiently integrate digital information provided by AR technology to elevate the experiences for the inhabitants?

The augmented library's chosen site is on the public green space next to Aotea Square, Auckland CBD. The research proposes different iterations of library designs in response to the chosen site context. These designs are tested with AR software then compared and criticised to achieve the most effective results. 

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Project Master Plan

M & M - Multifunctionality And Mobility

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Design Outcome

The outcome of the investigations is a multifunctional pop-up library pavilion. The digital assets exist as a supplementary layer of information that visitors can view through their mobile phones. The library's design is multifunctional and mobile; it consists of movable components that can be altered to provide visitors with different architectural programs. The changes in physical structures result in changes to the functions of the corresponding AR experiences. 

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Technical Details & Mobile furniture

Mixed-Reality Experiences

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Mixed-Reality Experience Design

The augmented library's purpose is to provide a threshold between the physical world and the digital, combining physical and digital realities to create an inviting and playful experience for visitors of all ages and genders. This thesis is an experimental and exploratory project which expands the visions beyond the existing boundaries of architecture. It provides new potential for architecture and technology to influence and adapt to each other in the future.

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