An Architectural Concoction

YJ Lee

Main Diagram

This thesis focuses on the exploration of a process of design stimulated by the synergies of creating new relationships. The symbiotic relationship between different objects, the inhabitants and their site provokes new encounters with being and place, creating architectural opportunities. The way in which each object is arranged and the synergies created through the interjections and orchestrations between objects and their surroundings could be translated into architectural elements that set up the key parameters that form the basis of and drive the design process. This study aims to develop a machine which produces a prospective series of generative outcomes that drive architectural ideas. 

Parti Diagram

Borrowing ideas from mono-ha, a Japanese art movement that involves the process of bringing together different objects and rearranging them to form unfamiliar configurations and relationships, the research process seeks to collate an interrogation of different ideas from diverse fields to create synergies and tensions resulting in an orchestration of architectural possibilities. Adapting the essence of the art movement mono-ha as a method for design research, the aim for this project is to establish a catalogue of architectural possibilities that can be utilised as an instrument for creating new architectural relationships, hence a generator for the process of design. Rather than focusing on a single design idea and developing it into a type of architecture, the research helps to identify many directions, generating a variety of different devices to be open for further development. Taking this singular idea of creating unusual relationships between disparate objects and implementing it into a systemised program to generate a multitude of different architectural possibilities is an architectural design method exploration derived from the ideologies of mono-ha

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Main Diagram
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