Kainga–a look at primitive and vernacular habitation of Aotearoa and abroad for future urban responses to climate change.

Modos 1
Communal hangi pits and kitchen

Contemporary in-fill and greenfield urban development demands mitigation through progressively complex engineering feats. The engineering resulting from this mitigation method includes construction techniques that generate copious emissions. This thesis researches vernacular building techniques and ways of living, primarily the concept of impermanence, providing an alternative to the contemporary that is equally livable, maintainable, and effective.

Vernacular methods native to Aotearoa and other Oceanic climates (Köppen classification) were researched and implemented through a series of provoking past and present collages, and finally, a more defined proposal of a “New” settlement at Pourewa Reserve (Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei land) in Ōrakei, Auckland.

A series of collages showing initial research into vernacular adaptation to climate change.

The vernacular techniques are juxtaposed with contemporary landscapes.

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Past and present collage of Auckland Domain's Crater Wetland. 2023 Auckland Anniversary Weekend Floods. Pukekawa, a historic crater lake and wetland, used by Tangata Māori as a habitat before it was drained by colonial settlers.
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Informal setlements New 3
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Brief: To find a site in Auckland which featured flood plains, overland flow paths, coastal erosion, and unstable soil (Auckland Council planning Hazards) in which I could showcase the climate adaptive vernacular techniques learned.

Pourewa Reserve in Ōrākei, Auckland, was chosen as the site features all these hazards.

The final proposal: A settlement exhibiting vernacular building techniques and a primitive way of living.

Modos 1
Communal hangi pits and kitchen
Interior of dwelling
Interior of dwelling

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