A House of Wild Dreams and Dumb Schemes

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Harpooned by tensioning wires, a mass contends with Maungawhau Mount Eden. A House of Wild Dreams and Dumb Schemes is a speculation on Eden Park. Suspended above the stadium, its intention is to unpack the culture of Eden Park. Probing into histories, questioning commentary, and quizzing the contemporary condition. Ultimately, the design project represents a pivot point, as the currents of change threaten the old firm. The research mines a shift in public consciousness, and seeks an allegory that advocates for a wider scope of New Zealanders.

"Our main pursuits were only cultural in the broadest sense. They were horse racing, playing rugby football, and beer-drinking – especially playing football."

John Mulgan, Report on Experience, 6.

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Matchday tickets - an artefact of shared experience.



Through the turnstiles, onto the terraces, before the hallowed turf – stadia exude a condition of unique spectacle. The effect of combined experience, a ritual framed by history and tradition produce profound qualities among the attendees. Aotearoa’s premiere stadium, Eden Park, has its fair share of glory stories. Simultaneously, residue remains from a pastime in need of updating. A House of Wild Dreams and Dumb Schemes examines the stadium’s condition as a force of cultural influence. An opportunity arises at Eden Park to upset order, relinquish power hierarchies, and commit conflict within the public consciousness of New Zealand.

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The mass imposing on its context.
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Partial section exhibiting the layers of cultural strata: The Hallowed Turf, Retractable Swamp, Terraces and Emergency Housing.
1:200 Section, 840x2000



The methodology employed will determine how bad behaviour can inform a design practice outside the status quo. A syndicate of qualitative models seek to consider acts of subversion through an atmospheric lens. The description of these maquettes as creative interpretations of an experience applies an empathetic appraisal. Collages, drawings, and assemblages attack the context. Collectively, the making exhibits a sense of oppositional practice – confronting the power and history of the site through an air of disobedience.

Interior models render an atmosphere of subversion. It is a method in exploring the actions of those outside the grasp of the stadium.
10 Social Situations, various materials, 300x300. clockwise from top left: Drunk, Gambler, Hustler, Skinny Dipper, Squatter, Wagger, Tree Fella, Tagger, Promiscuity (Night), Promiscuity (Day).

Design Proposal


A House of Wild Dreams and Dumb Schemes culminates in a critique of the stadium. An occupied roof sets the antagonists against the ubiquitous New Zealand identity. Its superstructure contends with the park, implementing technological marvel as a device to disturb the status quo. The design proposes an allegory, whereby the veneration of the All Blacks is put against an air of disobedience. In an architectural provocation, one is left to consider a dream within New Zealand that is not the New Zealand dream. Of an All Blacks jersey. Of a quarter acre, native timber villa. Of an alternative to the banal.

Interior Atmospheres, right to left: The Main Drag, Lanes for Loitering, Emergency Accomodation, Clobbering Machine.
1:500 Building Model, 1000x900, Various Materials.